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Scholarships for a Master's thesis outside Île-de-France

Fellowships in mathematics and basic computer science outside Île-de-France

The FSMP offers to all students enrolled in one of the Master's degrees in mathematics or fundamental computer science within its scope to finance their M2 internship, in France, outside the Île-de-France region. 

The FSMP reimburses accomodation costs (after agreement of the foundation's officials) and travel expenses (on the basis of the SNCF second class fare within the limit of one round trip per month) up to 500 euros per month and 1500 euros per intership.


If you have a research project and are interested in doing your M2 internship in the provinces, you can apply for this program by filling out the online application form.

The documents to be submitted are the following :

  • List of courses taken in M2
  • M1 assessment (course list, grades, etc.)
  • M2 grades available (finals)
  • Cover letter
  • Research project (please note the coordinates of your supervisor)
  • Recommendation letter from your supervisor

The FSMP select the recipients of the funding, upon receipt of the applications, in coordination with the heads of the enrolling Masters programs, based on the quality of the proposed project.