Math C2+ Project

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The Foundation is participating in a new program set up by the French Ministry of Education, called MathC2+. This program will offer high-potential middle and high school students internships at universities, which will introduce them to mathematics in a different light and stimulate their interest in this discipline..

The MathC2+ program was developed by the French Ministry of Education in partnership with associations following the success of the Olympiads.

It sets up mathematics courses at the University for students in secondary schools from 4th to 1st grade during the short school vacations. These courses are carried out on a voluntary basis and are in no way a support or refresher course.

The Foundation's role in MathC2+

As a partner, the Foundation makes its entire network of scientists available, both physically and materially, handles the search for sponsors, ensures the financial management of the fund, and follows and accompanies the students all the way to the end by offering testimonials and reports on the internships on its website.


The courses take place in small groups and the work is done individually or in small groups. The aim is to give students a new perspective on mathematics, by introducing them to concepts not covered in class and by using new working methods. For example, they learn how to solve mathematical problems using computers, how to write and analyze problems. We also discover Research & Development where mathematics is involved..

Courses are given by high school, college and CPGE teachers, academics, researchers and doctoral students.

Who can benefit from it ? ?

MathC2+ was created to allow students who have a strong potential in mathematics, but who cannot exploit it, or who do not envisage a study project in this discipline, to discover mathematics in a professional and more in-depth way. These students must be between the 4th and 1st grades..

The program wishes to develop a new category of future scientists for whom science is not necessarily a choice of orientation. It aims in particular at :

  • girls,
  • children of recent immigrants,
  • children who do not benefit from a material environment conducive to long studies.

In a few years, this project should be able to accommodate 1000 to 1500 youth by age group.

Who organizes these internships ?

The reception and the analysis of the internship projects are carried out by a Scientific Council made up of the Dgeso, teachers, scientific staff and representatives of the partners.

Once applications are accepted, internships are subsidized. The grants can be up to 3000 euros for a non-resident internship and up to 6000 euros for a resident internship.

These grants are used for transportation, accommodation, and speaker fees.

The participation of the student's parents must remain exceptional but social criteria are taken into account .

A typical MathC2+ day

For a student of 1st S

10h-12h : Geometry
13h-15h : Probability, numbers, combinatorics
15h-17h : Inequalities

For a 3rd grade student

10h-12h : Geometry and calculations
13h-15h : Equations
15h-17h : Geometry and calculations

The days will be divided between lectures, laboratory visits, workshops and courses based on a research approach.

To submit your internship project to the board send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Submission form template.

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