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Surveys and reports

Annual Activity Report

Survey on the integration of PhDs in Ile-de-France

The FSMP, in partnership with the FMJH, the IHP, the LabEx Bézout and the COMUE Université Paris-Seine, commissioned Adoc Talent Management to conduct a major survey on the future of doctors in mathematics in Île-de-France after their thesis.

See the summary version of the survey results : Graphique_enquete_docteurs.pdf
See the full report : Enquete_docteurs.pdf

Study of the socio-economic impact of mathematics in France

Mathematics, an essential asset to meet the challenges of tomorrow: knowledge, innovation, competitiveness. In France, 15% of GDP and 9% of jobs are directly impacted by mathematics.
The employability of mathematics graduates is well above the national average.
Companies need mathematics to innovate.

Consult the study : etudeimpactsocioeconomique​desmathematiquesenfrance-rapportfinal.pdf


2007 to 2017 :
10 years of the FSMP

On the occasion of its anniversary, the FSMP has taken stock of its first 10 years of achievements. Click here for the 10-year report.

Annual reports


AERES evaluation report

Final report AERES 2013

LabEx SMP evaluation report

Mid-term evaluation report of LabEx SMP 2015

DIM Math Innov report

DIM Math Innov global report, from 2017 to 2022