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Annual Activity Report

Survey on the integration of PhDs in Ile-de-France

The FSMP, in partnership with the FMJH, the IHP, the LabEx Bézout and the COMUE Université Paris-Seine, commissioned Adoc Talent Management to conduct a major survey on the future of doctors in mathematics in Île-de-France after their thesis.

See the summary version of the survey results : Graphique_enquete_docteurs.pdf
See the full report : Enquete_docteurs.pdf

Study of the socio-economic impact of mathematics in France

Mathematics, an essential asset to meet the challenges of tomorrow: knowledge, innovation, competitiveness. In France, 15% of GDP and 9% of jobs are directly impacted by mathematics.
The employability of mathematics graduates is well above the national average.
Companies need mathematics to innovate.

Consult the study : etudeimpactsocioeconomique​desmathematiquesenfrance-rapportfinal.pdf


2007‑2017 :
10 years of the FSMP

On the occasion of its anniversary, the FSMP took stock of its first 10 years of achievements.

Annual Activity Report

Activity Report 2018

AERES evaluation report

Final report AERES 2013

LabEx SMP evaluation report

Mid-term evaluation report of LabEx SMP 2015