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A unique network
in the world of mathematics

The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) was created by the CNRS, the ENS, Sorbonne Université (formerly UPMC), the Université Paris Cité (formerly Université Paris-Diderot).

Its partners are Inria, universities Paris‑Dauphine, Paris‑Descartes, Paris 1 Panthéon‑Sorbonne, Paris‑Nord, and PSL (team of l'Ecole des Mines, Observatoire de Paris and EHESS) and the Chaires de Mathématiques du Collège de France.

The FSMP federates 14 mathematics laboratoires and 23 teams Inria, bringing together 1800 researchers of which 900 are permanent, including 3 Fields Medalists, 20 academics and a great number of international and national award winners .


FSMP's programs are supported by the following accreditations :

  • Regional support : Domaine d'Intérêt Majeur (DIM) Math Innov (2017 à 2020),
  • National support : LabEx SMP,
  • European support : Cofund thèses MathInParis (2017 à 2021).

The 3 missions of the FSMP

  • Make Paris the most attractive center in the field of mathematical sciences for the best students and researchers from around the world.
    To this end, the Foundation initiates and finances programs of international scope : scholarships, chairs of excellence, post-doctoral positions, invitations to researchers...
  • Fostering collaborations between researchers in mathematical sciences and the economic and industrial world.
  • Developing the general interest for mathematics.

Institutions and laboratories

The structure of the Foundation includes several laboratories and institutions.

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Thanks to your donations, the FSMP trains the mathematicians of tomorrow and brings mathematical research to its highest level .

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