FSMP - IHP Program

The FSMP - IHP Program of LabEx SMP aims to support, in conjunction with the LabEx Carmin , stays at Institut Henri Poincaré (Centre Emile Borel) scientists from outside the foundation and practicing in France in the framework of the thematic programs of the Centre Émile Borel.

The choice of the beneficiaries of this program is made jointly by the management of the FSMP and the IHP and the organizers of the program concerned .

This program has 2 axes :

1) The FSMP (LabEx SMP) will cover the expenses of mathematicians or physicists working in France (outside of the Ile-de-France region) up to a limit of 20,000€ per IHP term. Only researchers and teacher-researchers with a permanent position in France, post-doctoral students with a work contract in France and doctoral students with a doctoral contract (or CDD) in France are eligible.

Eligible expenses are paid under the following conditions :

  • Stays securable for the duration of the IHP Term from 21 days minimum to 3 months maximum
  • Maximum of one return trip from France per beneficiary
  • Accommodation costs up to 73.90 €/day upon presentation of proof (invoice or lease) issued by an agency, institution or hotel*
  • Meal expenses fixed price of 18,60 €/meal*
  • Transportation costs of 1 round trip (train or plane economy class, mileage allowance)
  • * the reimbursement rates (URSSAF) are updated every year in January.

2) Payment by the FSMP of transportation, meal and accommodation expenses for participation in the preparatory schools for the "IHP terms" of doctoral students who are members of the Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris network (within the limit of 5000 € per "IHP term").).

The Foundation's support is limited to a financial contribution toward lodging, meals, and transportation and may not be applied to other types of expenses.


Previously supported IHP terms

Click here to find the history of supported terms. 


Procedures to benefit from this program

The list of beneficiaries proposed by the organizers is subject to prior approval by the Foundation. Special attention will be paid to the gender balance.

Note: The quarters organizers are not eligible for eligible for FSMP funding!


Supporting documents to be sent to the FSMP for stays at the IHP :

These documents are to be submitted by the organizers of the quarter for the actions.

  • A research project related to the program of 1 to 2 pages
  • A resume and a list of publications
  • A calendar of attendance days


Supporting documents to be submitted on site

  • A bank account number
  • A photocopy of the identity card
  • An order of mission without expenses / certificate of partial payment (the photocopy is enough)
  • Photocopy of train/airplane tickets (originals if refunded)
  • Proof of accommodation if reimbursement of expenses is requested (exclusively invoice or lease issued by an agency, institution or hotel)
  • An activity report written by the person concerned to be submitted at the end of the stay. The submission of the activity report at the end of the stay conditions the reimbursement
  • A simplified agreement (to be signed on site) (office 320)


Administrative contact

Kevin Ledocq (Tél. : 01 44 27 68 03 ; email : contact 'at' fsmp 'dot' fr)

Scientific contact

Guillaume Chapuy (click here for his personal page)