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How to find an Ph.D advisor or a Postdoc supervisor

The founders and scientific partners of Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) are:

Your research can be hosted in one of these laboratories or in one of the Inria teams. (The complete list is available here).

Researchers in our laboratories mainly work on :

General Pure Mathematics

  • Algebra : DMA, IMJ-PRG
  • Algebraic Topology and Geometry : DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LAGA
  • Analysis and Operators Algebras: DMA, CEREMADE, IMJ-PRG, LJLL
  • Arithmetic-Number Theory : DMA, IMJ-PRG, LAGA 
  • Combinatorics and Optimization : DI ENS, IMJ-PRG, IRIF
  • Differential geometry : DMA, CEREMADE,  IMJ-PRG
  • Logic and Foundations : DMA, IMJ-PRG
  • Dynamical systems, Ordinary Differential Equation and applications : ASD, CAMS, CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, LAGA, LPSM

History of Mathematics 



General Applied Mathematics  

  • Applied Functional Analysis : CEREMADE, LJLL, SAMM   
  • Non linear analysis and Partial Differential Equation :  CAMS, CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LAGA, LJLL, SAMM
  • Mathematical optimization, optimal control theory and applications : CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LJLL, SAMM
  • Numerical analysis : CEREMADE, INRIA, LJLL


 Probability, statistics and applications

  •  Probability : CEREMADE, DMA, LAGA, LPSM, MAP5, SAMM
  •  Biostatistics :  DMA, CEREMADE, INRIA, LPSM
  • Actuarial science : CEREMADE, LPSM
  • Mathematical Finance : CEREMADE, INRIA, LAGA,  LPSM


Mathematical/Computational modeling

  • Mathematical image processing and data analysis: CEREMADE, CAMS, DMA, INRIA, LAGA, LJLL, MAP5
  • Mathematical modeling applied to medicine and life science : CEREMADE, DMA, INRIA, IRIF, LJLL, LAGA, LPSM, MAP5
  • Mathematical modeling for physics, chemistry and mechanics : CEREMADE,  INRIA, IMJ-PRG, LJLL, LAGA, LPSM, MAP5
  • Mathematical modeling for complex systems in social sciences : CAMS, CEREMADE, INRIA, LJLL, IRIF
  • Mathematical modeling for optimization, control theory and Mean Field Games: DMA, CEREMADE, INRIA, LJLL


Computer Science

  • Discrete structures, graph theory, randomness and geometry : DI-ENS, INRIA, IMJ-PRG, IRIF, LPSM
  • Logic and verification, Proof theory, Verification by model checking, Database theory, design and models : DI-ENS, INRIA, IRIF
  • Programming language theory, Software and its engineering : INRIA, IRIF
  • Design and analysis of algorithms, Computer graphics : DI-ENS, INRIA
  • Security and privacy, Cryptography : DI-ENS, INRIA,
  • Quantum computing : INRIA, IRIF
  • Computational biology and Bioinformatics : INRIA, IRIF

For more information you can write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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