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Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris

The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) is a network of excellence that federates the main laboratories of mathematics and fundamental computer science in central and northern Paris.

It is the largest concentration of mathematicians in the world. Its scientific spectrum encompasses all mathematics, from pure mathematics to the most applied, including fundamental computer science.


  • Proposes and funds programs for research and training in mathematics and fundamental computer science
  • Organizes scientific events
  • Works to disseminate mathematics to the media, the general public, the economic and industrial world.
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The FSMP is structured around a steering committee composed of ten mathematicians among whom the three directors of the Foundation.

It is administered by a board of directors including representatives of its founders and partners as well as scientific personalities from outside its network.

It is based on a scientific board made up of personalities from the academic and industrial world, both French and foreign.

Steering Committee

Board of Directors

Chairman :


Founding members :

Qualified personalities representing the academic world :

Qualified personalities representing the economic world :

Two representatives of the network's professors and researchers:

A representative of the local authorities :

The Government Commissioner in an advisory capacity :

  • Gilles Pécout, Rector of the Académie de Paris (represented by Samir Kherroubi or Samuel Guibal)

An invited representative of the ITA/IATOS of the network :

Guests :

  • Any person whose opinion is useful may be called by the president to attend, in an advisory capacity, the meetings of the board.


Scientific Board



Call for applications and fundings

02 October 2023
Calls for tenders and financing

The call for applications to FSMP post-doctoral program is open from October 2nd to November 30th.

23 September 2023
Calls for tenders and financing

The Researchers Invitations program and the Stays for PhD students receive applications receive applications throughout the year.


07 February 2024
Cours FSMP
Eitan Tadmor (Universty of Maryland), laureate of the FSMP Chair of excellence in 2023, is giving a doctoral course entitled Emerging Behavior in Collective Dynamics on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 17:00 , from Frebruary 7th to March 27th 2024 at Institu...
02 December 2023
Mathématiques en mouvement
La dernière édition de Mathématiques en mouvement a eu pour thème Des preuves et des programmes. Organisée sous la houlette de Hugo Herbelin (Inria, IRIF), elle a eu lieu le samedi 2 décembre 2023 de 14h à 18h à l'Institut Henri Poincaré (5 rue Pierr...
09 October 2023

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