F.A.Q Cofund MathInParis2020

Find all the answers to frenquently asked questions about the COFUND MathInParis call for application in this section of the FSMP website.

For any comments or other questions, please contact us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can I change something after submitting the application?

Yes. You'll receive by email a password after submitting your application. Thanks to your email address and the password you'll receive, you'll be able to change anything you want in your file until the end of the application procedure. 

Pay attention : the password is also given online once you submit your application.

What is a resume/CV?

It is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills.

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How to find an Ph.D advisor or a Postdoc supervisor

The founders and scientific partners of Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) are:

Your research can be hosted in one of these laboratories or in one of the Inria teams. (The complete list is available here).

Researchers in our laboratories mainly work on :

General Pure Mathematics

  • Algebra : DMA, IMJ-PRG
  • Algebraic Topology and Geometry : DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LAGA
  • Analysis and Operators Algebras: DMA, CEREMADE, IMJ-PRG, LJLL
  • Arithmetic-Number Theory : DMA, IMJ-PRG, LAGA 
  • Combinatorics and Optimization : DI ENS, IMJ-PRG, IRIF
  • Differential geometry : DMA, CEREMADE,  IMJ-PRG
  • Logic and Foundations : DMA, IMJ-PRG
  • Dynamical systems, Ordinary Differential Equation and applications : ASD, CAMS, CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, LAGA, LPSM

History of Mathematics 



General Applied Mathematics  

  • Applied Functional Analysis : CEREMADE, LJLL, SAMM   
  • Non linear analysis and Partial Differential Equation :  CAMS, CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LAGA, LJLL, SAMM
  • Mathematical optimization, optimal control theory and applications : CEREMADE, DMA, IMJ-PRG, INRIA, LJLL, SAMM
  • Numerical analysis : CEREMADE, INRIA, LJLL


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